World Theatre Day Celebration


Date: March 27, 2014 @ 7pm

Venue: Theatre Passe Muraille (16 Ryerson Avenue).

Tickets: $16 at the door

In a city as diverse as Toronto, incredible world theatre happens locally every day. In many ways, the world is right here. In honour of WORLD THEATRE DAY on MARCH 27, ARC is leading a celebration — and a showcase — of some of Toronto’s most exciting and globally-focused independent theatre companies, including Aluna Theatre, Cahoots Theatre, and fu-Gen Asian Canadian Theatre.

As ARC Artistic Producer Christopher Stanton says, Toronto is globally renowned as one of the most diverse cities on earth. ARC is proud to be creating world theatre in a truly global city. However, as Toronto theatre makers, we so rarely get a chance to get together, and to celebrate – together – the diversity of theatre in this great city. I cant think of a better opportunity than World Theatre Day to make a joyful noise with some talented friends  and to share it with the entire city.

Join ARC in the joyful noise celebrating theatre makers, the city & the world.

1 evening, 4 performances, 4 amazing companies!

Think of it as a little one-day festival, says Mr. Stanton. Four performances from four great companies, and each performance is less than 30 minutes. In between, well all be having some drinks, chatting with friends, and generally enjoying a hell of a great night together.

fu-GEN Artistic Director David Yee agrees, adding The goals of the Theatre of Nations in Paris, the opening of which is commemorated by World Theatre Day on March 27, were those of quality, plurality and diversity in contemporary theatre. fu-GEN, in participation with ARC and the companies involved in this initiative, are proud to be in pursuit of those same goals today.

Cahoots Artistic Director Marjorie Chan continues Cahoots wishes you a happy World Theatre Day. In the next year, we challenge you to attend something new: a production in a venue where you’ve never been, a company whose work you have never seen, an artist that you don’t know, a theatrical form that is different from your aesthetic. Happy exploring!
We hope to see you out celebrating world theatre with us —
  and the world of theatre that is thriving right here in Toronto…