Featuring KRISTIAN BRUUN (Orphan Black, Murdoch Mysteries)
and JEFF DOUGLAS (co-host of CBC Radio’s As It Happens)
and OTHER PEOPLE (not pictured)!

Some people just have great voices.
Perhaps it’s a gift.
Perhaps it comes only after years of rigorous vocal training.
Perhaps it’s the result of nightly applications of unicorn tears directly to the larynx.
It’s a beautiful mystery, really.

Have you ever heard someone speak with such eloquence — such superb diction and mellifluous tonality — that you think to yourself:

“They could be reading a menu and it would still be captivating”

Well. Have we got a night for you…


TONIGHT, Friday June 20th, ARC brings together some of the greatest speakers in this great city for a super-serious night perfectly paired to enchant your ears and tantalize your taste buds.

The rising culinary stars of The Chef’s House will prepare a beautifully crafted artisanal stand-up dinner for you, as members of ARC’s Resident Artistic Company are joined onstage by special celebrity guests. Together, they will expertly describe in delicious detail the very food you will be enjoying.

While your taste buds are dancing, you ears will be caressed with words like ‘succulent,’ ‘delectable’, and ‘lusciously.’ And every word will be spoken beautifully by seasoned professionals — no pun intended. You’ll feel like they’re talking only to you. Seriously. (Super-seriously!)

Enjoy great food. Support a fantastic award-winning independent theatre company. And experience performers telling you what you’re eating as you eat it. It all adds up to make this Toronto’s most fun & flavourful fundraiser. Tickets for the event are $75 (includes your meal, wine and a charitable tax receipt).

You should come. Your ears and taste buds will thank you. As will we.


a super-serious evening of Salivating Oratory
An ARC Gala Fundraiser Event

Featuring KRISTIAN BRUUN (Orphan Black, Murdoch Mysteries)
and JEFF DOUGLAS (co-host of CBC Radio’s As It Happens)

Friday, June 20th, 2014, starting at 6pm
The Chef’s House, 215 King Street East, Toronto, ON
Tickets $75 (includes meal, wine & a charitable tax receipt), available at

Can’t make it to the event, but still want to support the work we do?
Why not make a donation to our $16 for 16 Years campaign?! Click HERE and follow the links.