Friday, March 27th 2015 // 7pm
Sidemart Theatrical Grocery
1362 Queen St. East (corner of Greenwood)

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“In other (mostly European) countries, WTD is a big deal, everyone knows about it, theatres open their doors to the public for free. Imagine that here: all the major theatres and all the independent companies not charging admission on March 27th. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful acknowledgement of the importance of theatre in our society? So we decided to throw a party…”

Aviva Armour-Ostroff (ARC Resident Artist & WTD Coordinator)

Established by the International Theatre Institute in 1961, World Theatre Day is celebrated annually by the international theatre community. ARC (Moment, Bea, Family Stories: Belgrade) has been bringing global stories to Toronto stages for 16 years. Now, we want to raise WTD to the place in our cultural landscape it deserves. This country’s wild, varied theatre history is comparably young – yet there is so much in this world-class city we should celebrate. And so ARC presents World Theatre Day: A Celebration.

MARCH 27, ARC is leading a celebration with some of Toronto’s most innovative and exciting independent theatre companies, including Obsidian Theatre, Cahoots Theatre, and fu-Gen Asian Canadian Theatre. As ARC Artistic Producer Christopher Stanton says, “As Toronto theatre makers, we so rarely get a chance to get together, and to celebrate – together – the diversity of theatre right here. I can’t think of a better opportunity than World Theatre Day to make a joyful noise with some talented friends — and to share it with the entire city.”

The party begins at 7pm with short performances by our partners – including Luke Reece (Obsidian) and Jiv Parasram & Owais Lightwala (Cahoots) – followed by music, dancing, drinks and food (sponsored by Queen Margarita Pizza).

Join the celebration!