Voices of Pomona [Deborah/Fay]


We’re in the middle of week two.

Our PM extraordinaire, JP, has now created some semblance of what our stage will be for us to play on, explore, negotiate, hide in…

We’re getting a handle on our characters.

We’re puzzling out this world.

Remember from our Day One post where Chris said Nick hands out Rubik’s Cubes?

Yah. I’m obsessed. I met with a 13 year old wizard who worked with me on it. I CANNOT walk past an unsolved one without solving it. I have a mission: solve it under two minutes. My best time so far is 2:10. Not good enough. My colleagues all have a cube and just LEAVE THEM, lying there, UNSOLVED. What the hell?

Carlos says Let it go Drakeford.

Bahareh says Hey! That was mine!

Andre says Here. Do mine.

Aviva and Liza grin at me.

Ryan laughs.

Chris says Yah. The Rubik’s Cube. I don’t know if that says the right thing.

I groan and collapse.

Chris says Oh I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days but didn’t want to say anything because I thought Drakeford will kill me!

I get up. Cube in hand.

I say I’m really proud that I know how to solve this thing.

My company applauds me.

I play Fay. She wants answers. I love her. She has qualities I hope I have.


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Deborah Drakeford

Deb has worked across the country from Kamloops BC to PEI.

She has been on the Artistic Committee for ARC since 2006 and has performed Moment, Bea (Dora nominations), The City, A Kind of Alaska as well as numerous staged readings and now is very excited about Pomona.

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