Voices of Pomona [Bahareh/Keaton]


“Everything bad is real.”

That line hits me hard every time. There’s no turning away from it.

It’s as if the playwright is screaming: “Now that you know, what’s your next move???”

I play Keaton. She’s been a wonderfully mysterious character to dig into. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that she holds secrets, she’s other-worldly, she’s a fighter, she’s instantly immersed in Dungeons & Dragons… but above all, she’s looking to fuck shit up.

Now that’s a treat for any actor. It’s definitely been challenging though – because McDowall keeps her mysterious. On purpose, I think. She’s not supposed to be a clear-cut character. I think she’s there for the audience to assess for themselves. I would love to hear who (or what?—Keaton is to you after you’ve seen the show.

I can hardly contain my excitement about this piece. It’s smart, twisted, complex, surreal, HILARIOUS, dark and so very on point.

It’s a world where role playing games & reality blend into one. And McDowall doesn’t make it easy for us to decode any of it—which is why it’s all so exciting.

Pomona is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or read. And I’m thrilled for the audience to enter this world. To decipher for themselves when the story is a game, or when it’s real. Or when it just might be both.

Come join us!

It’s game time…(or is it?). ROLL DICE!

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Bahareh Yaraghi

Bahareh is a Toronto based performer and a five-time Dora Mavor Moore Award nominee (Individual & Ensemble). She was most recently seen at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival this season in the Canadian English premiere of The Aeneid.

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