Carlos Gonzalez-Vio.

CGV Hero

Carlos’s work has taken him from Toronto to Buenos Aires, Prague, Havana and Bogotá.
With a strange stint south of St. Louis somewhere in there. So strange, some places.

Stage credits include The Oak Room (Fracas Theatre), Geography of a Horse Dreamer (Red One Theatre Collective), Hallaj (Modern Times Stage Company), Elora Gorge (The Room), La Comunión, Nohayquiensepa (Aluna Theatre), Agamemnon (Theatre Cipher), Crave (Nightwood Theatre), Endings (PassBo Dance).

Screen credits include Played, The Mortal Instruments, Cracked, Nikita, XIII, Alphas, The Bridge, The Listener, Flashpoint, Pinkville, The Incredible Hulk, Max Payne and The Punisher.
That’s actually pretty much all of it. Well, not all of it. But you know what I mean.

More recent interests and developments include translation.
Being bilingual Englsh-Spanish, something was piqued. Stay tuned.