Joelysa Pankanea.

JPan Hero

Cemented in Canadian theatre history as one of the youngest theatre composers and musical directors, Joelysa’s original scores have been celebrated across theatres in Western Canada since she began her composing career at the age of 21. A talented composer and musical director, her versatile abilities have taken her into the worlds of theatre, film, animation, and more recently, writing her own shows. In the realm of theatre, Joelysa is well known for her inimitable whimsical and haunting scores, as well as the ability to compose a wide array of musical styles. As one of the most sought after musical directors in her field, Joelysa has musical directed casts of 5-150 members. Her extensive body of work has earned her multiple awards and nominations, and she continues her dedication to preserving original and live music on the theatre stage. Please visit to learn more about Joelysa or to hear her music.