MOMENT (2014)

Nominated for 6 Dora Mavor Moore Awards
in the Independant Theatre Category.

Outstanding Production (ARC).

Outstanding Ensemble (ARC).

Outstanding Set Design (Jackie Chau).

Outstanding Performance (Aviva Armour-Ostroff).

Outstanding Performance (Deborah Drakeford).

Outstanding Direction (Christopher Stanton).

It’s been 15 years since a single act of sudden violence ripped the Lynch family apart.
Since then, those left behind retreated into the routine of normal family life –
whatever that means.

Tonight, Nial Lynch comes home.

It quickly becomes clear
that the ghosts haunting this family
have only been lying in wait.

The knives are out tonight.

(And not to cut the quiche.)

Aviva Armour-Ostroff // Ciara Lynch
Gordon Bolan // Fin White
Deborah Drakeford // Teresa Lynch
Ryan Hollyman // Nial Lynch
Janet Porter // Niamh Lynch
Andre Sills // Dave Blake
Bahareh Yaraghi // Ruth Pigeon & Hilary Kelly

Christopher Stanton // Director & Sound & Music
Nick Blais // Lighting Design
Jackie Chau // Set & Costume Design
Tamara Vuckovic // Stage Manager
Gavin McDonald // Production Manager
Emma Mackenzie Hillier // Producer
Melanie Hrymak // Assistant Producer

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MOMENT would not have been possible without
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Toronto Arts Council Nella Food Equipment Investors Group

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