This pandemic has wreaked havoc on the performing arts industry as a whole and artists (both within and beyond) ARC are hurting. However, artists are resilient and we are finding ways to promote and support each other throughout this period.

ARC is a truly unique theatre company. ARC’s core team of Resident Artists—performers, directors, and designers—are a bit like a family. The company works closely on every project, building a deep sense of trust and creative play. Though many of ARC’s Resident Artists are busy contributing to the country’s wider theatre landscape, they value their membership in this company because the artists choose the work they do. Each project is a carefully curated labour of love for us.

Your donations always make an impact on our company, but now more than ever, your support can ensure a sustainable future for ARC. With your support, we can continue to create powerful work that addresses the vital narratives of our time and engages with our community. If you’re able, please consider making a donation.

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