Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

As a company, we honour the diversity in our community that includes (but is not limited to) race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, socio-economic status, class, religion, and all equity-seeking groups. In all our activities on and off-stage, we are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment that brings together diverse perspectives for critical discourse.

In particular, we are actively working to create an anti-racist framework to guide all future action. We acknowledge the history of anti-Black racism and discrimination in this community and are committed to proactively working against that history to create a more equitable future. We value critical discourse, dialogue, and engagement.

We place human rights and dignity at the centre of our work. Thus, ARC is working collectively to identify the actions we will take to dismantle systemic racism in our community. Watch this space for updates.