ARC presents…Out at Sea

We here at ARC are very excited to announce our latest production: Out at Sea, part of this year’s Summerworks Festival.

It’s a story of the selfish, sharp-witted, and eager. Stranded at sea, three men with no hope of rescue take a surreal journey. With no source of sustenance left, they must decide how to survive. One man must be eaten. But who? Campaigning, elections, and scandal all give way to sacrifices for the greater good. Saucy. Literally.

The play features ARC members Andre Sills, John Fitzgerald Jay, Sam Malkin, and Gordan Bolan. It plays at the Factory Theatre Mainspace on Friday, Aug. 5 (5:00pm), Aug. 7 (2:30pm), Aug. 8 (10:00pm), Aug. 10 (10:00pm), Aug. 12 (5:00pm), and Aug. 14 (7:30pm). Tickets are $15, available at 416 504 7529,, or at the door.

We’re doing some pretty interesting stuff around this show, so be sure to check this space for updates, videos, photos, and some secret awesomeness.