Kickstarter campaign a success!

We at ARC HQ are very pleased to report that not only did we meet our Kickstarter goal, but we also surpassed it! Thanks to everyone who contributed, including these folks that we haven’t recognized on the site yet:

  • Amanda Pileggi
  • Ashlie Corcoran
  • Sarah Baumann
  • Jon Unger Brandt
  • Natalie Bomberry
  • Jane Stewart
  • Megan Hamilton

The folks came in at the 11th hour and helped make this campaign really something amazing.

So why did we do Kickstarter? Well, the money raised helps us pay our company members a living wage, which is really important. Paid artists = fed artistis = happy artists = good art. Simple math, and you all made it possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.