The reviews are in!

Opening night for “Out at Sea” was a smashing success. Thanks to everyone who came out, and thanks to Summerworks for hosting us.

The show has been getting some great buzz:

From BarczaBlog:

Director Aleksandar Lukac sharply delineated the conflicts between the principals.  Andre Sills played the alpha to perfection, dominating the stage with his voice and physical presence.  Once you get that this strange world will be his, it all devolves into the struggle of the others for their own small place.

John Fitzgerald Jay, Gordon Bolan, and Sam Malkin are all delightfully different from one another in pacing, voice, and physical style.  Their ensemble work is very musical, in the sense of supportively balancing one another for the overall effect.

From Now Magazine:

Aleksandar Lukac’s economical production of Slawomir Mrozek’s absurdist parable builds some sharp comedic moments thanks to the distinct, spot-on performances of Andre Sills, Gordon Bolan and a hilariously feckless John Fitzgerald Jay.

From Mooney on Theatre:

For those of us with a darker sense of humour the play hits all the right notes. As one might expect from a company called Actors Repertory Company,the performers are uniformly strong and have a great dynamic. The direction is superb, from the innovative use of the stage’s space to the perfectly comedically timed introduction of a series of ridiculous props.

So, come see it! We’re at the Factory Theatre Mainspace, and we have three performances left: Aug. 10, aka tonight (10:00pm), Aug. 12 (5:00pm), and Aug. 14 (7:30pm). Tickets are $15, available at 416 504 7529,, or at the door.